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At Biotix, our passion for advancing what is possible through laboratory plastics drives us to continually find new ways to make research easier and more fulfilling.
The Biotix mission is to supply researchers with the highest quality, most innovative liquid handling products available. Biotix manufactures pipette tips, tubes and reservoirs for manual and automated pipetting under best in class manufacturing and quality standards. Each Biotix pipette tip is engineered with innovation found in no other tip. Innovations like: FlexFit®, a patented technology that ensures a secure seal while improving ergonomics; X-Resin®, an innovative resin with low retentive qualities that improves sample uniformity and CV values; and Blade® technology that prevents droplet formation and eliminates the need for tip touch-off. These technologies help reduce pipetting error and ensure reproducible data.

Biotix is committed to increasing product benefits while also focusing on environmental sustainability. Biotix offers a variety of packaging options that help reduce your lab’s carbon footprint. Learn about Biotix liquid handling technologies at

We invite you to join our quest for life-changing innovation, one aspiration at a time. Because your data quality matters, your tip matters.