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Cureline is a precision and translational medicine CRO providing comprehensive services to the biopharmaceutical industry since 2003. We cover regulatory affairs and clinical network management (100+ validated clinical centers in 18 countries around the globe); wide range of biospecimens collection, processing, storage and distribution with central biobank in the San Francisco Bay area (CA, USA); clinical trials support (therapeutics and diagnostics); research protocol transfer and implementation; translational histology and pathology report as well as other high-end scientific services. With over 2,500 studies concluded, Cureline is a global leader in commercial biobanking working with pharma, biotech, medical device and diagnostics companies, major academic centers, US government and international scientific consortia. Besides collecting and processing standard biospecimens, Cureline laboratories provide fresh biospecimen processing, treatment and analysis using the most innovative and advanced technologies. Cureline group excels in biomarker and diagnostics development in complex human disease (oncology, AID/inflammation, infectious diseases, metabolic and cardiovascular conditions, maternal health, etc.) with an emphasis on tissue research (IHC, FISH, HD tissue slide scan) and glycoproteomics (in collaboration with BioCrypton, Inc.). Cureline has provided its expertise to 420+ clients over the past 14 years and successfully passed inspections by global CROs, pharma and biotech customers. Our Quality Management system is based on the College of American Pathologists (CAP) guidelines for research biobanks. Cureline team members participated in creating the USA and international Best Practices for biobanking of human tissues, and for the past six years Cureline is a part of the US government program on decoding the human cancer genome (TCGA) and proteome (CPTAC) lead by the National Cancer Institute (NIH, USA). Our HBS tissue bank and translational histopathology laboratory are located in South San Francisco, CA (USA) and collaborate with major laboratories on cutting-edge technologies for HBS analysis. You can find more information on