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List Biological Laboratories, Inc. specializes in the production of highly purified bacterial products for research, as well as custom laboratory services. It all began in 1978 when List Labs developed a research grade Cholera Toxin. Since then, our expertise in producing bacteria has expanded. Scientists can now choose from over 100 products to aid in their studies. We also have experience producing bacteria which normally inhabit the human body; bacteria which may be used as live biotherapeutics. We offer expertise in many areas of contract manufacturing, research, and consulting, as well bulk quantities and special orders for many of our products. Whether you need one of our standard toxins, GMP LPS or a custom batch of bacteria and if you are in the early stages or more advanced stages in developing a product for clinical trials, List Labs is the partner for you. Please visit for more information including our blog and over 1800 citations highlighting our products.