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Conference 2015

15-18 June 2015
San Francisco, California


Some introduction about the conference

Whether you are looking for a high-level feature overview or seeking a more detailed discussion, the 2015 Conference Agenda offers something valuable for everyone. The agenda includes more Hands-on and Ask the Expert personalized sessions, as well as a large variety of educational sessions for all of the Logos solutions.
Additionally, there will be a series of labs allowing you to explore new software and enhancements and learn how to get more out of the programs you use today.


The conference partners, dont forget it


There are over 120 Educational Sessions to choose from for Finance, HR, Utility Management, Community Development, Technology & Executive topics.


New World’s software during hands-on lab sessions. This is your chance to get questions answered, learn new functionality and actually use new features and software.


A great opportunity to meet with your Customer Care Represenstative and New World Solution Consultants to discuss new product information, software releases, and user group coordination.

ask the expert

This support lab will be set up with stations and experts to help you answer quick questions that may require hands-on help with the software.


Meet with greaters


Shortest way to explore what will happen
2:00PM - 2:20PM
CA Pavilion Stage

Predictive Market Research and Insights: An Innovative Virtual Simulation Model

Are you looking for ways to predict clinical practice behaviors relative to your new treatment protocols? Gauge the impact of new therapies, clinical trial data, and key messages on treatment selection with a unique, simulated clinical experience, matching the scope of actual practice. Gain actionable insights from the ensuing ...
4:30PM - 4:50PM
CA Pavilion Stage

CIAPM: Accelerating Precision Medicine

The California Initiative to Advance Precision Medicine is a state-funded effort promoting precision medicine and the impact it has on patient lives, partly through multi-disciplinary, cross-sector demonstration projects. Project leads will discuss their patient data based diagnostics and tools, and their vision for broad-ranging improvements to health and healthcare. ...
2:00PM - 3:00PM
CA Pavilion Stage

LA Meet Up

Connect with LA area life science companies and professionals to learn more about each other, the thriving LA life science community and opportunities within the region. SPEAKER: Jasson Crockett, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Carcetti’s Office of Economic Development


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